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Mānuka Honey Ultra MGO 800+

​With extraordinary enriching polyphenols, Ultra imbues the body with a cascade of natural benefits. Providing the pinnacle of antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power.


€520.00 / KG

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  • A rare and precious gift from Mother Nature.

  • Created by the honey bee and the Mānuka plant to support daily well-being.

  • Harvested and produced in the pristine nature of New Zealand, with a 100% New Zealand origin guarantee.

  • Certified and scientifically tested for a particularly high quality of the natural compound methylglyoxal (MGO).

  • Sustainably harvested and gently and carefully perfected using a specially developed process to preserve the purity and power of New Zealand nature in every jar.

  • One of three gifts from our holistic system for radiant well-being.

  • How to use

    Just one spoonful once a day of this potent and pure gift from nature brings balance and harmony to the body and skin, without and within.

  • Texture

    Full-bodied and full of forest fruits. Immense and intense, with mineral bursts and chocolate notes.

  • Storage

    Store in a cool and dry place.

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  • Ingredients

    Monofloral MGO 800+ mānuka honey.

  • Allergy Information

    Warning not suitable for infants under 12 months of age


MGO Explained

Methylglyoxal is the magic ingredient in mānuka honey. MGO stands for methylglyoxal. In 2008, following the ground-breaking discovery of MGO by our research partners, Mānuka Health developed the MGO grading system for mānuka honey – to keep it simple, the higher the MGO the higher the potency.  MGO is an internationally recognized guide to help people confidently purchase mānuka honey based on the trusted science of natural MGO potency.

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Royal jelly: the natural answer to immortality. The exclusive food of the queen bee and its secret to unique regeneration and youthfulness.


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